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For those familiar with Sodium or potassium hydroxide HHO systems, our new "Super Fuel" electrolyte produces a super gas which is, at a molecular level, undetectable by automotive computer. It is actually a new type of fuel, (primarily hydrogen). When it’s electrolytic gasses are burned with another combustible fuel it is not like regular H2o to HHO gas. The “Super Fuel” produced gas is like HHHO with some of the  oxygen bonding to di-pole nitrogen molecules. It appears like HHHN, keeping it from detection by the computer’s sensors. Just as a petroleum refinery plant uses pressure steam and hydrogen to “CRACK” oil, “Super Fuel” electrolyte produces HHHN, (Merrick's gas), which has that effect on the petroleum in your engine due to the extra H factor. The lack of extra oxygen results in the elimination of the need for EFIES, chips, or other computer control devices. The product freezes below the freezing point of other types and If that were not enough, the amperage draw required for cells is reduced with virtually no reduction in gas production, it does not revert to water when heated by a diesel turbo as does HHO, and HHHN burns slower eliminating timing problems often associated with HHO. Due to its tendency to be corrosive,(only to the cell plates) while in operation, we created a cell specially designed to resist the ammonia based electrolyte's corrosive properties. Together the cell and electrolyte perform in harmony to produce a quality, safe gas product for the “Super Fuel”  effect. We will be taking orders beginning now  for the new “Super Fuel” System including the I.C.E. Machine cell.


Moreco Energy now introduces an environmentally and engine safe chemical electrolyte that is so revolutionary we created a brand new electrolyzer system specially designed to take advantage of its properties.

It creates a new gas called "Merrick's gas" or HHHN. Your engine burns HHHN on demand, along with your current fuel as rapidly as it is produced. There is no need for the storage of a potentially volatile  product.  When combined with the fuel in an engine it produces 3 times the energy of the fuel and reduces carbon emissions 40% or more.
Cleaner engine,cleaner oil,cleaner environment, better mileage. Whats not to like?

APRIL 29, 2012, 9:39 p.m. -- A new Moreco Energy LLC kit being
marketed by an Atlanta HHO shop has North Georgia truckers who use it "jumping for joy," says Don Madlena
of Atlanta's Energy Design, LLC., the distributor of the new I.C.E. Machine HHHN generators.
The I.C.E. Machine uses not only the Original "Super Fuel" Electrolyte solution that creates HHHN (Merrick's Gas), but  titanium plates with a mixed-metal oxide coating that improves the anti-corrosive performance of the
ammonia-based electrolyte. Two of the units are deployed on a 2005 Cummins 400 diesel with a 475 HP engine and were installed by Madlena's Hydrogen Propulsion Lab. The truck averaged 5.6 MPG before the kits, he said. "At about
15 amps per cell, we are consistantly seeing over 7 MPG," Madlena says, a 25% savings. On one 964-mile haul, the OTR 18-wheeler averaged 7.4MPG - savings of 32%! The owner of the truck, Roy C., "figures this will save him about $80 every day he works. He told his wife that this will make his house payment and truck payment!".  

Joe Shea

You may already know this but ...did you know ?
Hydrogen is the most abundant fuel source on earth.
AND NOW ! With the power of hydrogen, and Moreco Energy LLC you can safely produce this   powerful aid to combustion ON DEMAND , on board  any vehicle, without storing it while saving 25%to40% or more.                                                 It's true!             Just imagine every fourth tank of fuel or gasoline for free. 
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